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Actor, Baba Tee’s 2nd Marriage Hits The Rocks

Baba Tee has quietly parted ways with his second wife after dumping a UK-based Nigerian socialite.   After the crash of his less than two years marriage to London-based socialite, Yetunde Oduwole, in 2013, actor Tayo Babatunde Bernard aka Baba Tee’s second marriage has also nosedived and crashed badly. The revelation was made by his now ex-wife, Dupe Odulate, who he proposed ...

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Unbelievable! Robbers Now Demand Pants And Bras From Their Female Victims In Lagos (Photo)

Robbers who demand pants and bras from their victims have gone on rampage in Lagos communities, striking fear in ladies.   Tension, like a cloak, hangs over Araromi in Agege Local Government Area of Lagos State, following a robbery attack which occurred in the community recently. The robbers, armed to the teeth with guns, daggers and machetes, allegedly raided the whole buildings ...

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Maritime News

Mother forces her 11-month-old baby to smoke a cigarette because she thought it would ‘make him find it disgusting’

A Spanish mother forced her 11-month-old baby boy to smoke a cigarette. According to her, the little boy had been reaching for his father’s cigarette so she thought putting it into his mouth would make him find it disgusting. In the shocking footage, posted on Instagram, the infant is being handed a lit cigarette that is placed in his mouth twice ...

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