A Nigerian man has taken to social media to share a shocking story that sounds unbelievable to many. However, in a world where strange and supernatural things occur, this story might be believable to many.

This man identified simply as @HeislarrysGod on Twitter, shared an incident he experienced at his place of work in Lagos state. The man claimed to have seen a ghost who appeared and disappeared right before his eyes.

According to the young man, his boss was celebrating his birthday and all the workers had gathered to celebrate with him. In the midst of the celebration, the married celebrant’s girlfriend came in with food, drinks and a band.

He revealed that the workers had thought the people coming in were the man’s wife and two daughters who normally celebrate him every year.

However, when the beautiful young lady came in, the celebrant was furious and agitated. The Twitter user said the lady was just getting settled when the man’s family came in and all hell broke loose.

The young man claimed that the man’s children who were not worried about their father’s infidelity, seemed to be worried about the lady because they knew her as a dead person.

He alleged that the girls announced to everyone not to pay attention to the pretty lady or look in her direction. He also claimed that she disappeared through the solid wall, after the girls identified her as a ghost.

Read the shocking story below: