“How I Saved A Family From Falling Into A Ditch In Ondo” – Twitter User, MaziNze

A Nigerian man took to Twitter to narrate how he saved a man and his family, from falling into a ditch in Ondo State
According to the Nigerian man, the car the family were stuck in skidded off the road and almost somersaulted into a deep ditch by the roadside. Read his tweets below;

So back in August, I was on my way to PHC from Lagos.. in the front seat of one of the GUO buses.. somewhere before Ore, I saw someone waving frantically from inside this 4runner. I quickly alerted the GUO driver and he stopped. then we all ran back to the spot … thread

apparently, this 4runner skidded off the road and was supposed somersault backward into a very deep ditch by the roadside.. I still can’t explain what kept it hanging/dangling. it was like a touch of the finger will just topple it into the big hole behind it

The driver, probably a young man in his mid-30s just kept his foot on the break. he is a hero. I probably would have been so scared looking out the window to see the valley behind me and my foot will tremble uncontrollably. but he held fast and waved frantically.

behind him, there was a woman and two children. the first thing we did is take out the children through the window.. then we started waving down trailers.. one Dangote trailer stopped and i dived for the rope underneath it.. no time to check the time.. we got two ropes..

we quickly tied the ropes accordingly, the trailer tried to move. the ropes both cut.. it was a nervy moment as the SUV almost slid off but one rope didn’t cut completely. nervy moment. phewww. remember the man and the woman are still inside. the woman was praying like a warrior

So i ran again and blocked another big truck.. I shouted rope rope rope.. that one now stopped.. and they threw one rope for us… the mother of all ropes.. that one can lift a house. this 4runner is not just being towed, it was to be pulled because of the tires. the entire weight

when the Dangote truck began pulling, it was like the 4 runners were going to roll over as it wasn’t a straight pull. remember there wasn’t enough space to pull straight. but God in his infinite mercies.. the jeep was out and it’s occupants safe. oh God was I relieved?

One thing that struck me was how I forgot that I had a phone during the whole rescue activity. I was all dirty from handling big ropes and going under the truck to tie them. I was so involved that I didn’t even remember that there is something called pictures.

it was when we got back on the bus that someone now mentioned pictures. eventually, I collected these two pictures via Whatsapp from one of my co-travelers. I really felt very useful. remember to drive safe guys. remember to help any way you can when you can.

Big shout out to the GUO driver “sorry I can’t recall his name” who stopped instantly and took part in the rescue process as well. also was really impressed by the Dangote trailer driver, we hear a lot of bad reports but hey.. good reports abound too. blessed.

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