HORROR!! 30 Airplane Passengers Bleed From Ears And Noses After A Deadly Error From The Crew.

Horrified passengers of Jet Airways started bleeding from their ears and noses after the plane’s cabin pressure suddenly dropped moments after take-off.

It is claimed that the Jet Airways crew forgot to switch on the cabin pressure system, leaving passengers to suffer painful injuries as the aircraft climbed into the sky.

Oxygen masks fell from the ceiling of the Boeing 737 as the drama unfolded on a domestic flight from Mumbai to Jaipur in India.

At least 30 passengers suffered nose bleeds, a few bled from their ears and some complained of severe headaches as the plane was forced to turn around and return to Mumbai.

At least eight people were hospitalised. The plane was carrying 166 passengers and five crew on what was supposed to be a two-hour flight.

Passengers recorded video as they wore oxygen masks and prepared for landing. Jet Airways said the injuries on Thursday’s flight were caused by a “loss in cabin pressure”.

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