Is My Daughter Alive? Father Of Missing Lady Calls For Help

Comfort Offor was a happy young woman, full of life and ambitions. Good looking and diligent, Comfort lived a comfortable life and never joked with her family.

Tremendous joy filled the hearts of the Offors as comfort got married to her heartthrob, John David, with pomp and pageantry in 2007. However, shortly after her marriage, there appeared to be a drastic change in Comfort’s relationship with her family as she became distant.

On June 25, 2017, received a Facebook message from Mr. Matthew Offor who claimed that his daughter, Comfort Offor has not been seen or heard from for four years. She is now addressed as Mrs. Favour John David after she got married to Mr. John David many years ago, who is a member of Brethren Fellowship.

Naija News delved into the matter and gathered evidences from different sources to investigate the report. Based on interviews with Offor’s family, Comfort Offor got married to John David in 2007 and they last heard from her in 2012. The family has sought all means to get in touch with her but to no avail.

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Mr. Matthew Offor disclosed that Comfort’s phone number has not been reachable and her husband does not pick their calls. He said, “we have contacted some of his brethren who are of higher hierarchy than him to help us, even to give us their leader’s phone number, John Adegoro-Oluwa may be he can help us, but they refused.”

“Brethren Fellowship is a religion organization based in Lagos. Although they are all over Nigeria but their activities are not really pronounced” he added.

One of Comfort Offor’s sisters, Emi Offor, now Emi Okwuonkenye said, “after about 2 years that we didn’t hear from her, my dad sent me to Portharcourt to check up on her where she works at Baywood Construction Company. I went there with my fiancé who is now my husband”.

She revealed to Naija News further, “on getting there, we were told that she was no longer working there but one of the staffs offered to take us to her house because she moved out of the house we knew. He took us there, we knocked at the gate but the gate man said they were not at home and we were not granted further access. I called her line which she picked and asked who it was, I told her it was me, she froze for about 20 seconds and then told me to call back that she’s busy. Afterwards, she stopped picking our calls and her line stopped going through till date. The husband’s phone rings and he cuts it whenever we introduce ourselves”.

Arome Offor, Comfort Offor’s younger brother also revealed to Naija News that she stopped communicating with every family member which he believes the action was on the order of her husband. “Her number is now being received by someone else and the person says the number was allocated to her. If we call the husband’s number, as soon as we introduce ourselves he hangs up. I don’t know what he is up to but he acts mysteriously”, he added.

One of the members of Brethren Fellowship, Mr. Benjamin told Naija News he has spoken to Mr. Matthew Offor severally and he even met him one on one. He said that he doesn’t know his daughter’s whereabouts.

Comfort and her family

However, all efforts made to speak with Mr. John David (Comfort Offor’s husband) has proved abortive as he was not willing to disclose his wife’s whereabouts or their current location.

The family members are disturbed as they don’t know whether she is still alive or dead. It was revealed to Naija News that Mr. Matthew Offor, Comfort Offor’s father is suffering from High Blood Pressure as a result of her unknown whereabouts.

As the saying goes, “A dead child is better than a lost child” but either way none of the situation is palatable. Mr. Matthew Offor is in a distraught and depressed state as his daughter is nowhere to be found.

Naija News thereby solicit for support of other media outlets and the entire public to help in search of Comfort Offor.

Anyone who has information about her whereabouts should please contact Naija News on this number, 09033422402 so that we could help reunite the family.

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