Pink Lips: The Untold Story of a Budding Trade in Ikeja Under Bridge

In this eye-opening piece, Blackface correspondent, Rachel Okporu examined the business of PINK LIPS in Ikeja under bridge, the commercial center of Lagos, South Western, Nigeria.


As the commercial nerve center of Lagos State, Ikeja is no doubt a beehive of activities of both male and female artisans in the beauty industry on daily basis trying to make an   end meet.

A scenario which plays out under the bridge by the rows of shop line, are funny dressed young men clustering around the shops while others are hovering around the fringes of the roundabout linking Obafemi Awolowo way, enticing and soliciting customers to patronize their product, chanting “Pink lips! Pink lips”!!

In this century where ladies are taking lead in fashion and facial make-up, one wonder why some men are interested in having a new look of lip popularly called pink lips.

Naturally pink lips are seductive to the point that it can create a feeling of affection between opposite sex.

However, as attractive as pink lips, getting it does not come easily, although some people are born with it while most people who are not born with it spend a huge amount of money to change their look.

These sellers who proffer solution to people who are in quest of getting pink lips sells the product at the rate of a thousand naira to one thousand  five hundred.

According to the sellers, the product is without any side effect as it severs as an active agent who aids the removal of dark lips making the lips desirable and seductive.

Meanwhile some users of the product have alleged that the product is counterfeit as after few days of usage, the lips will turn to its original colour.

However, having a pink lip is not a new thing among many as it is now a fad among most people, apart from the use of the pink lips cream, the sellers also gave natural ways of getting pink lips which include the use of Aloe-Vera gel; the anti-oxidants in it are very effective in lightening lip complexion.

Added to Aloe-Vera is the use of lemon, olive oil mixed with honey and many other, which does not only make the lips pink but glowing and soft.

Ikeja under bridge is a place of never ending supply of products and part of the plan of the Lagos state government is to make it more befitting for Lagosians.

Edited by Maxwell Adeyemi Adeleye

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