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Gender Inequality: A Debt To Be Paid To Every Woman

By Rachel Okporu

The fight for gender equality is not only an imperative of justice and fairness but also an entitlement and debt owed to every woman. It entails that all human, both men and women, are free to develop their personal abilities and make choices without limitations set by stereotypes, rigid gender roles and prejudices.

The quest for gender equality is a global effort to engage the male gender in removing the social and cultural barriers that prevent women and girls from achieving their potentials.


Over time, it’s been agitated by many on the need for women and men to have the same legal, social and political rights but some people have condemned the notion, going with the misconception that women are weaker vessel and should not be brought to the limelight.

Gender equality does not make the women and men to become the same in all spheres, but women’s rights, responsibilities and opportunities will not depend on whether they are born male or female.  It means fairness of treatment for women and men, according to their respective needs.

Gender equality is perhaps the greatest leap of development in contemporary history and should not in any way be taken for granted, to enable women reach their full potentials.

In the society today, women have made great strides in the workplace, but inequality still persists.


Rachel Okporu writes from Lagos, Nigeria. You can reach her on


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