Nigerians: The Story Of Citizens Suffering Amidst Plenty

By Rachel Okporu

 The level of suffering which Nigerians are subjected to in recent times calls for immediate concern. However, it is hoped that a glorious dawn will surely come to Nigeria and bring back the bright smiles on our faces.

Suffering and groaning” are found among people on the Side-Walk ways, Bus Stops and Market places. But how can they smile? When most homes can no longer afford three meals (1-1-1) per day. Many have, unfortunately been forced to adopt the 1-0-1, 1-1-0 or the 0-1-1 feeding schemes. In extreme cases, some people have resorted to eating only once a day! Life has become trying, as the cost of living has sky-rocketed beyond our imagination. Even the ‘so called’ rich, are not smiling like before. Many looters have withdrawn to their shells, as some of their loots have been frozen and seized

This austere time has humble Nigerians bearing in mind that indiscipline, indolence and corruption are not good for a nation, group, and individuals in homes, workplaces and the society at large. Although the CBN governor has announced that Nigeria is gradually sliding away from recession and by (end of June 2017) Nigeria economy will be out of recession.

Salaries are owed workers for several months in many States. We are a nation, knee deep in debt. What a paradox of a nation! From arrogance, through our affluence (oil boom), to a total submission to abject poverty (oil doom)! When we had money, our leaders squandered it through frugality and profligacy; now there is no money, and the poor is left to suffer from nonpayment of salaries and all sorts of pay cuts. Notwithstanding, political leaders have consistently blamed the past administration. This is not the time to play the blame game but to tighten our belts and retie our girdles as we face the current situation.

It is clear that the Buhari led APC Government has opened our eyes WIDE to the high level of looting, corruption indiscipline and other anomalies in our political landscape and society as a whole. It is now time to take stock and re-strategize on the best way forward. There is an urgent need to be cleansed from inside and outside every sector of our economy and redraft a new set of VALUES for a new Nigeria void ofCorruption, Bribery, Looting, Stealing, Padding, Dishonesty, Forgery, Kidnapping, & Inflation of Contracts

If what Nigeria is going through today, will not yield positive results of bringing her to change of values, then there may afterwards be NO light at the end of the tunnel for Nigeria. This is indeed a good time for us to appeal to our sense of decency or expediency so that when things get better we do not get too comfortable and forget where we had found ourselves in the past. Tough times don’t last. Only tough people do and we are tough and resilient, as Nigerians.

Okporu writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

She can be reached via

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