Social Media: A Boon or Doom To The Society?

The advent of social media have become the vogue across the world, especially among the youth where users with an unrestricted access and few clicks chat with friends, relations and other acquaintances sitting at a different corner of the globe and with the believe that the digital age widely belong to the youth, they remain the prominent users of the social media.



Before the deregulation of the Nigerian telecommunication sector in 1999, fewer Nigerians had access to computers while the lack of sufficient technological infrastructure such as the Internet and mobile phones constrained communication within the society. But with the deregulation of the telecommunication sector, social network spread like a wide fire in Nigeria. Today, all classes of Nigerians, now have unlimited access to the social media.



No doubt, that the phenomenon of social media has in no small measure, impacted positively on the development of the Nigeria youth by constantly keeping individuals abreast of global news and information, providing a platform for unemployed youth to either be gainfully employed or become aware of job opportunities across the world as well as promote their goods and services for a global market.

However, despite the benefits of social media it has however been subjected to abuse and negative stories, Propelling of crimes and flooding of nude pictures. The obvious lack of security on the social media makes it dangerous to innocent youths therefore remains the biggest source of incitement and distribution of unsubstantiated crudely insensitive reports in the country

Sometimes many people unconsciously get started with strangers with the intention of having a casual relationship but gradually they find out that they become so close and with time they become so intimate forgetting that the heart of men is desperately wicked

Many have also been defrauded while others have lost their lives and these negative effects of social media, seems to take more toll on the Nigerian youth. Studies have shown that there seems to be a positive correlation between the usage of social media with cyber-bullying, social media have led to a sharp increase in crime rate among youths, People are constantly duped, kidnapped or even killed by social media-accentuated means.


It is high time that the Nigerian youth properly harness the positive aspects of the social media for personal development. Perhaps, take responsibility on how to use the social media in a positive lime light and shun every negative tendency that the platform could provide in order not to become tools for societal disintegration.

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