Dear Nigerian Youths, Life Is About Struggle, Betrayer’s Tag Is Blackmail

By Maxwell Adeyemi Adeleye
Class Struggle, as posited by Karl Marx, means fight against slavery. It connote Fight for FREEDOM from SLAVERY and EXPLOITATION. Through the class struggle, the earth moved from Ancient Communism/slavery to Feudalism, now Capitalism while Socialism is already knocking at the door step of capitalism.

In Nigeria political and economic space, people, especially Youths who had received God wisdom and deliverance from Stockholm Syndrome, thus, decided to fight for freedom from political and economic slavery; and from the bondage of their bougoersies’ godfathers/employers are labeled BETRAYERS by the YOUTHS still living under the SPELL of Stockholm Syndrome.
Listen, fellow Nigerian Youths: It is the prayers of every father that his son achieves more than him but such is a aberration in political economy. I say expressly that no political leader pray that any of his follower achieve more than he has achieved likewise no capitalist business owner pray that his staff succeed than him.
No employer wants his employee to be greater than him. Your employer can never pay you the salary that you can use to acquire what he has acquired. Your employer is not your benefactor; the person who assisted you to get the job is the benefactor.
By my understanding, the man whom you did everything within your power to help to win election into executive or legislative arm of government but in return, gives you #20,000 every three months or who would give you bag of rice during Xmas or who bought apple or Samsung phones for you is never your BENEFACTOR but he would claim to be one. THAT MAN OR WOMAN IS A SLAVE MASTER or MISTRESS.
Most capitalist leaders/employers will never give their followers/employees chance to have financial freedom so that they can keep using them (the followers/employees) to enlarge their political kingdom and to maximize profit.
They gave you phone/laptop not for your personal development but because they want you to be using the gadgets to be praising them on social media. Receive your HEALING today. Your employer increased your salary by #10,000 because he doesn’t want you to ever think of resigning. Receive your healing.
I left banking job because what was happening there was like neo-colonial slavery. I resigned to be my own boss. If you are brilliant and intelligent without hailing from the ruling class family or possess the evil power to destroy; that your leader will never empower you because he would still want you to be useful to him on the errand field.
Struggling for freedom and survival from a leader or employer is not betrayer however, do things with wisdom and do things at the right time.
Life Is About Struggle. You Fight For Everything. Keep Moving. Take Risk Worth Taking. However, Never Betray Your True Benefactors in the process of struggling. Follow, to become a leader but with sense; do not follow dogmatically.
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