What will be Buhari’s legacy?

Despite his many flaws, the Aremu of Ota, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo left worthy legacies. If we can look beyond his self righteous hypocrisy, his overbearing sense of infallibility and over bloated feeling of self importance, his small minded vindictiveness and domineering attitude, Obasanjo left some marks of good governance.

To his credit, he built structures and institutions, (some which he manipulated for political gains) EFCC, DMO, NAFDAC, NDLEA, NOA, NEITI etc. Without these institutions, the scourge of fake drugs, hard drugs and corruption, could not have been confronted.

We remember Obasanjo for being a leader who had the capacity to accommodate people of all hues and different shades of opinion. His cabinet and aides were drawn from all over the country. He was not clannish. He was a true nationalist, perhaps the foremost of all our past leaders.

He didn’t reward loyalty at the detriment of competence. He assembled an A list team to manage strategic positions; finance, economy, FCT, EFCC etc.

The economy blossomed under his watch. Our image in the comity of nations soared after many years of being a pariah. Our unwieldy foreign debts were paid off. It is to his credit that mobile telecommunication came in and flourished.

His successor although bogged by interminable sickness, showed signs of good performance. He is remembered for being a stickler to rule of law. He return Jonathan to the Delta through amnesty and began the process of cleansing the rotten INEC.

Beyond Jonathan’s exaggerated weakness, beyonbecomereluctance to tackle corruption and his refusal rein in corrupt tendencies in his government, Jonathan was a good man.

Dr. Goodluck Jonathan can look back with pride and beat his chest for reviving our moribund railways. He can boast that the economy under him became one of the fastest growing in the world. He can show roads that he constructed and airports that he upgraded.

Jonathan expanded the frontiers of democracy by signing the freedom of information act. He is remembered as a true democrat who valued the life above his personal ambition.

In two years time, Buhari’s scorecard will become clearer. What will it read? What would be his legacy? As someone who has the rare privilege of a second chance, it will be terrible if he squanders this opportunity to truly etch his name on our country’s annals.

So far, Buhari has failed to shine. If we are to judge by his mid term performance, the man is an epic failure. As someone who rode into office on the back of tremendous goodwill, posterity will not judge him kindly if he fails to meet people’s expectations.

Hurry up Buhari, time wait for no one.

Offor Honest sent this piece from Portharcout, Rivers State.

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