Residents lament as kerosene price in Kano hits N400 per litre

By Musa Madobi, Kano

Residents of the ancient city of Kano metropolis are lamenting the rising cost of kerosene which has gone up to N400 per litre.

The situation has made life unbearable for low-income earners who depend mostly on the product to do their cooking.

Investigation showed that during Christmas and New Year celebrations, the product became very scarce, just as the price of the commodity has skyrocketed.

It was discovered that the little quantity available were hoarded by management of Filling Stations who sold the product in the night to black-marketers who made brisk business in return.

Following this development, the majority of homes elected to use charcoal and gas for the cooking, as black-markers put the price of the product above the reach of prospective buyers, whereas those who could not do without the product have no option than to buy at exorbitant rates.

Normally, a litre of Kerosene was formerly sold at N220 to N230 per litre in Filling Stations, while in recent price of the product in the black market is sold for N350 to N400 per litre.

According Mr. Aaron Michael, a dealer in oil products, the scarcity of Kerosene was occasioned by the greed of oil marketers who mix Kerosene and petrol to get diesel.

Mr. Aaron further revealed that, “Here in Kano, the scarcity of Kerosene is artificial. It is the oil dealers that are causing the scarcity because they want to make quick money.

“Let me tell you what they do—in order to get diesel which is now in high demand, they mix kerosene with petrol, and at the end of the day, kerosene become very scarce, and when you see it, the price becomes exorbitant, making life unbearable for the common people.”

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