Mimiko’s Health Policy, a Sham ~Akeredolu

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Governorship Candidate, Mr. Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN Campaign Committee yesterday described the health policy of Governor Olusegun Mimiko as a sham.
It said the current administration had killed the health sector at the grassroot level but only showcasing the two Mother and Child Hospitals built at Akure and Ondo town as if all is well with the sector.
The statement, which was issued and signed by Akeredolu’s media, Mr. Kunle Adebayo said the administration in the state is a cancer that has eaten so deep into the existence and confidence of our people.
The statement reads, “in Healthcare delivery, Mimiko’s Mother & Child Hospital is a cesspool of corruption and public deceit. It is not more than an advertisement gimmick used to  exploit the innocence and poverty of mind of our people.
“The theory is that the two Mother and Child hospital complexes so far constructed are advertised as the administration’s greatest achievement of the MDG, while the practice is that the 18 general hospitals at each of the local government headquarters are under equipped, underfunded and unattractive for maternity care thus inducing innocent mothers to overcrowd the M & C thereby making them involuntary actors in a circus show of popularity.
“For example, It is unimaginable that despite its noise about offering free total delivery for pregnant women, patients are not only made to purchase delivery equipment, both mothers and child are cramped in overcrowded wards and hurriedly discharged not more than 4 hours after delivery contrary to the acceptable standard procedure of 24hr post delivery observation of Mother and Child.
“It is saddening that in most cases the infants develop complications at home and eventually lives are lost, avoidably.
“The unforgivable part of the infanticide is that while Government deceives the public with huge records of birth registration as an index of improved infant mortality, it fails to confess to the embarrassing rate of avoidable post natal infant deaths occurring at home due to inadequate and incomplete delivery health care.
“To emphasise the mindless corruption taking place in the health sector, we challenge the Ondo state government to deny that it debits the state of a scandalous sum of one hundred and twenty thousand naira on every virginal (normal) delivery under its Maternal healthcare programme.
“We also challenge Mimiko to deny that a prodigal sum of two hundred and ten thousand is ferreted out of the state government account for every non virginal delivery?
“It will also be nice if Ondo state government can lay bare the facts and figure on the costs of maintaining our hospitals, particularly the so called Mother and Child homes in the last eight years.
“These are open but simple challenges of integrity that any honourable government must come up to, in the interest of accountability and public good.
“Not even Ajasin, Adefarati and Agagu’s prophetic souls in that order, could have foreseen or estimated the current monumental deceit, destruction and degradation of the fortunes, resources and potentials of our dear Ondo  state as we are experiencing today.
“However, it is consoling that the voters of Ondo state, including even the patriots within PDP have remained unperturbed and are resolute to distill themselves of the fake  imitation of social democratic ideology which Mimiko has demonstrated in the last eight years.
“The Governorship candidate of our party, Oluwarotimi  Akeredolu SAN passionately call on our esteemed voters to disembark from this one – chance bus owned by PDP and driven these eight years by Dr. Olusegun Mimiko”.
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