2016 Edo Gubernatorial Election – An Open Letter to Edo People – By Paul Omoruyi

Dear People of Edo State –

Eight years ago, I need not remind you how hard you fought from March 20th to November 11th, 2008 to ensure that your vote count and that the legitimate winner of the election becomes the Governor of Edo State. Against all the political maneuverings and machinations, you made your voices heard loud and clear. You fought hard because for too long politicians have unquestionably turned Edo State to their individual cash cow while Edo people waste away in abject perpetual poverty and stone-age infrastructure.

You fought hard because you saw that Edo children have no future if business continued as usual. You fought hard because every raining season Edo State becomes inhabitable from uncontrollable erosion as houses are completely submerged in water and thousands of Edo People die from water borne diseases while the Government waste Edo resources in their personal frivolities. Yes, for the very first time in so long a time, you spoke in no uncertain terms that going forward you will hold your government responsible for the management of the State resources and Infrastructural development.

It was eight years ago now that you made history. It is that time again to rise up and speak up and help the future children of Edo State. Due to years of gross neglect and under-development, the task to build 21st century infrastructure and economically develop Edo State are humongous. So this is no time to fool around at all. You must let the gubernatorial candidates know that you know what you want and have higher expectations. You must make it very clear that you will not sit idling by and allow them to run Edo State like their personal Estates.

Fellow Oviedos, isn’t it a shame that in 2016, social media all over the world is inundate with video images of erosion taking over Edo State as if Edo People are still living in the dark ages? Isn’t it a shame that in many parts of Edo State today, people still live without electricity for two to three months consecutively? Isn’t it a shame that many Edo Youths have no jobs and many roam the streets like chickens without head? Isn’t it a shame that Cultists are more respected in Edo State today than Intellectuals and professionals? Isn’t it a shame to hear that Cultists get paid with public fund by some nefarious Edo Government officials while teachers go for months without salaries?

Like I wrote some time ago, past/current governments that paid cultists to do their dirty biddings will be prosecuted in the near future. The payment evidence trail are there and they will explain in the near future. What kind of legacy do we want to live for the future generation of Edo Children?

So fellow Edo People, now is not the time to mortgage your future for a morsel of bread or for a thousand Naira. I specifically want to implore the Edo youths. Please, please, please for goodness sake do not become political thugs for anyone or any party. The truth is that these political candidates see you as disposable piece of trash. They don’t care about you or what happens to you during and after the elections. Why would you want to die or take someone else’s life for nothing?

No one, absolutely no one, is worth the blood of any Edo child. Be wise. I say again, get sense into your heads. Remember that a living dog is better than a dead lion!

Edo State is not the political fiefdom of either the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) or the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Both Parties have evidently failed the Edo people in so many unspeakable ways. We cannot continue like this.  Now is the time to take back what has been stolen from you all these years. If not now, my question for you is when? So, this letter is to provide you my two cents on how you can make sure that you vote in the right person that can make Benin City the envy of the world once again.

These are the questions that I want you to ask all the gubernatorial candidates wherever you meet them – TV, Radio, streets, Church, anywhere. You can even memorize them; send them to all your friends, family members and co-workers. The questions are:

  1. Please sir what is your economic game plan to industrialize Edo State and create more jobs?
  2. Please sir can you show us or tell us how you plan to control the erosion problems that is the bane of Edo people every raining reason?
  3. Please sir do you belong or support any cultist organization? I ask because Edo people dislike cultists.
  4. Please sir show us or tell us how you plan to provide constant electricity in Benin City?
  5. Please sir show us or tell us how you plan to control vehicular traffic in Benin City. What roads do you plan to build or expand on?
  6. Please sir what is your plan to guaranty the safety and security of Edo People from criminal elements in the state?
  7. Do you plan to invest in quality Education for Edo People? If yes, please can you explain the plan to us?

Do not vote the candidate that cannot convincingly give you answers to these questions. A candidate must demonstrate that he/she has plans to aggressively address these issues from day 1. Anyone that has your interest at heart would have taken time to draw some developmental blueprint agenda.

September 10th is barely four weeks. Make sure you register to vote and go out to vote. This is one time that you have the power to speak to the politicians/political parties with your vote. After the election, you might not see them anymore. I wish you all the best as you choose the next Governor that will play a pivotal role in the development of Edo State. Good luck!

Yours Sincerely,

Paul Omoruyi


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