Gani Adams and The N9 Billion Naira Allegations, How Much Did He Collect?

By Nelson Ekujimi

As Africans, we have a saying that there is no smoke without fire or to put it succinctly, that when a child is crying and pointing in a particular direction,

if he is not in need of something, then definitely he is drawing attention to something of interest in that direction. 

Therefore, one is surprised that for some time now, allegations of corruption have trailed the leadership of some ethnic militia organizations, but the security agencies and the society at large have turned a blind eye or seem uninterested in this impending threat to societal peace. 

Our shock at the seeming lukewarm attitude by the security agencies to this allegation of corruption and its consequences, is predicated on the fact, that these groups even though they have been outlawed, have the propensity to cause public chaos as a result of the disaffection within the leadership who daily address the media on expulsion and counter expulsion. 

For our collective information, Mr. Ralph Uwazuruike, the founder of MASSOB was recently expelled by some members of his group for embezzling N4 billion. According to the information, Mr. Uwazuruike is the sole signatory to the organizations account, hence he had easy access to the collective funds of the members of his group. Just recently, leaders of another ethnic group called the OPC addressed a press conference where they stated that they have expelled Gani Adams from the group for corruption, having collected 9 billion naira from ex President Goodluck, an allegation which he has vehemently denied. 

Since the allegation of Gani Adams collecting money from Goodluck Jonathan continue to reverberate in the OPC as stated by some of its states chairmen and is capable of leading to a breach of public peace, knowing how he worked tirelessly and without success for the re-election of the ex President using the office of the national coordinator of OPC, may we ask Gani Adams, how much he collected for this venture if he is denying receipt of N9 billion? 

The question now should be, how much did Gani Adams collect from Goodluck Jonathan?


Nelson Ekujumi wrote this from Lagos.

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