SON raises alarm over substandard steel products in Nigeria

By Abimbola Fashakin, Lagos


Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has alerted the public of the volume of substandard iron and steel products in the country, saying there is large quantity in the market.


Director General of SON, Dr. Joseph Odumodu, who raised the alarm at a press conference in Lagos, said result of a monitoring and enforcement exercise carried out by the agency’s taskforce showed that most manufacturers had begun to cut corners on the required standards for iron and steel


Odumodu however noted that SON had started to introduce measures to check the trend.


Highlighting the various areas where local manufacturers had compromised standards, Odumodu noted that products that were supposed to measure 16 millimeters (mm) in diameter where discovered to measure only 14mm thereby falling short of acceptable standards by 2mm.


He also stated that the products that were supposed to measure 12mm measured only 10mm in diameter, while those which were supposed to be 10mm in diameter were made to measure only 8mm.


The agency, he said, also observed serious violations in the area of length of various units of steel products, which constitute another area of compromise on the quality of iron and steel products by manufacturers in the country.



He stated that from the agency’s investigation so far, it is unable to exonerate any of the local manufacturers totalling about 20 companies in the country.


“We have decided on a number of actions to immediately reverse the situation. Effective from today, no sales of reinforcement bars can happen in Nigeria without verification scaling, which means that if a batch is normally supposed to weigh 40 tonnes, it must be weighed before it leaves the premises of the seller.


“If it is not weighed, let me warn, those people who are dealers will become responsible for whatever violations that may have occurred,” Odumodu said.


He added that SON staff will continue to measure the calibration status of the weighing equipment that are used in the factories and any company that is found with the intention of cheating the consumer, will be sealed for a minimum of 90 days no matter what the reasons are.

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