Why APC, PDP will lose in Abuja –  Wulus

 By Wahab Akanji. Abuja

A pioneer member of the Peoples  Democratic Party (PDP) in Abuja, Olisa Uzoewulu (Wulus) has optimistically said that the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

would lose totally in the upcoming area council elections, precisely in Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) in Abuja the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Making his point while speaking to journalists recently in Abuja, he wondered why should the two parties field-in only Abuja indigenes to stand for all the elective positions in AMAC to the detriment of the non indigenes who had the required population in election. He attributed that to the reason why the APC and the PDP would lose the election. He said that due to the stand of the two parties, the electorate who are not only wiser now, but has also decided not to allow any one person to determine how to
go about the elections, would cast their votes based on where they come from.

Admitting that he is still a member of the PDP, he came up with another reason why the two political parties would be disappointed during the election. While accusing the PDP of living in the old past instead of
re-strategising as a party that lost presidential election, he accused the
APC of internal fight for superiority.

Hear him: “Though I am still a member of the PDP, but I am sure that the PDP and the APC will see a shocker in the upcoming area council election. 
As you know, none of the two parties allowed any of the non indigenes to stand for election in any of the positions in Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) and the non indigenes are more in population. And the electorate,
noe wiser shall cast their votes based on where that come from, having realised that they have passed the stage when a single person should determine for them where to cast their votes. To worsen it all, instead of the PDP to come back and replan, having lost election at federal level, they are  still living in the old past and the APC that has taken over the presidency has all the time been busy in internal fight for superiority.”

Responding for more questions, he hailed the Buhari-led government for its giant stride to arrest those who were alleged to have stolen government’s money. He wondered why a single person would seize such whooping sum of money to the detriment of the poor, even as he said some even banked such money in their foreign account. He also said that he has found out with
dismay many empty houses built by the greedy Nigerians in Abuja.

On his opinion on the allegation by some Nigerians that the President has abandoned other state functions for the fight against corruption, he said that if President Mohammad Buhari would be able to reduce corruption to the
barest minimum, it would go a long way to addressing the problems in the
country. When asked he was of the opinion that the reason why more PDP
members were being accused of the looting was because the party has larger
number of corrupt people and they were in power for about 16 years.
> Responding to more questions, Wulus faulted what he termed as the
government’s inability to stabilise the oil sector, which if done ,
according to him would not only enhance the economy, but would also create
employment. Making his point, he informed that he was against subsidy
removal on petroleum products and urged the government to as a matter of
importance stop exporting crude oil and later importing them back onto the

 He however urged the government to do everything possible to ensure that refining of crude oil is done in this country. He therefore added that should the crude be refined in the country, it would not only create employment, but also  boost the economy as the petroleum resources would also be exporting which according to him would result into favorable balance of trade. ” You produce oil here, you export and later import them back and no job created is a failure at the side of our leaders. Let the oil sector be stabilised by having crude refined here, and it will create employment,” he stated.

 Speaking further, he saw the poor state of the economy in the country as universal problem, but was quick to reiterate that if the oil sector is well stabilised and managed, the economy would improve.

 Speaking on different agitations from different groups like the Biafra, Boko  Haram, Niger Delta, among others, he said that such agitations should be looked into carefully in order to find out if their demands are genuine

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