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Falz’s Latest Release, ‘Sweet Boy’ Is An Ode To Self-Love

Many years ago, Grammy-nominated singer, Keri Hilson released the immensely catchy “Pretty Girl Rock”, which pumped women all around the world with an extra dose of confidence, deservedly becoming a girl-power anthem.

Well, it seems like Falz has caught this bug, as for the past few days, he’s been talking a lot about being a “sweet boy”, even going as far as setting up an association. Now, he has released the self-love anthem for this association: “Sweet Boy“.

In his newest venture as a talk show host on On The Couch With Falz and Laila, Falz introduces himself as the president of the Sweet Boy Association. Now the song explains what it entails to be a sweet boy, and we can’t really disagree with him there.

Falz raps against a mellow beat, singing praises to himself with lyrics like “Sweet boy, fresh guy, look at how I’m fly in my fresh swag”.  Judging by the association’s code of conduct, it seems Falz is doing his own little part to battle toxic masculinity, and we are here for it.

You can listen to “Sweet Boy” right here:

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