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Hate song: ‘North is jealous of Igbo people, says MASSOB

The leadership of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign state of Biafra (MASSOB) has described the Hausa hate song being circulated and celebrated in the northern party of the country as orchestrated out of jealousy and envy.

The separatist he group said it sees it as a sign of deep frustration and disorganization on Arewa People, their religious, traditional and political leaders.

In a statement issued by its leader, Uchenna Made the group said, “This uncontrolled and loosed frustration, envy and jealousy of Arewa People through another dimension of hate song is a clear and eloquent evidence that Nigeria is doomed and doomed forever which can never be redeemed.

They have further proved to the world that Nigeria is not and can never be one entity. We are Biafrans, Hausa Fulanis are Arewas while Yorubas are Oduduwas. We can never continue to deceive ourselves as if Nigeria is one because God did not create or establish us as Nigerians.

MASSOB welcomed the hate songs from Arewa people against the people of Biafra. We have listened to the song, we have it both in audio and script. MASSOB once again remind our people residing in Hausa Fulani land to immediately commence relocation back to Biafra land because a stitch in time saves nine.

We wish to remind the people of Biafra that spreading of these Arewa hate song against Ndigbo is also targeted against other ethnic groups from eastern region of Nigeria even their Islamic Yoruba brethren are not safe in Arewa land when the Arewa People will commence execution of their threat of genocides against the people of Biafra residing in their land after 1st October 2017.

MASSOB want the hate songs to spread like wildfire not only in Arewa land but throughout Nigeria.”

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