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Adeniwura Adebukola Temitope: Giving Help, Hope To The Less Privileged With An Amazing Ease

When Dolly Parton, an American singer, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, actress, author, businesswoman and humanitariansaid years back that “I went to bed hungry many nights as a child. It was a Dream that dressed me up when I was ragged, and it was a Dream that filled me up when I was hungry. Now it’s my Dream to see that no child in this world ever goes hungry, certainly not here in America, the most bountiful country in the world. We can do better…we must!” little did Dolly Parton know that someone in faraway Africa particularly in Nigeria in person of Adeniwura Adebukola Temitope, the founder of Adex Adebukola Crown Gold Foundation would have similar experience of poverty she had and thus one day would like Mother Theresa help uplift the less privileged through her foundation.


Our Editor, Maxwell Adeyemi Adeleye and Guest Writer, Femi Ojo interviewed Adeniwura to know what inspired her passion for providing succor to the less privileged in Nigeria.




Can I meet u please?

 I am Adeniwura  AdebukolaTemitope popularly called Adex Adebukola CrownGold by many of my online friends in Nigeria and beyond. I am happily married and a mother of two lovely queens.

You established a foundation recently which you are about to officially launched on August 26th, 2017 in Lagos, what is the name of this foundation and what is the inspiration for establishing the NGO?

Let me start with the name of my foundation. The name of my foundation which I was divinely led to establish is called Adex Adebukola CrownGold Foundation popularly known as Givers Arena on social media especially facebook. It is a registered Non GovernmentalOrganisation in Nigeria with the core mandate to help uplift the less privileged and the needy through provision of material gifts such as food items, clothing materials etc. But our foundation does not stop at providing material gifts such as the ones mentioned above alone, we go a little further to empower the under privileged. We dothis  by offering free empowerment and skill acquisition training programmes for our members. We also provide free business tools and financial aids to people who are in need. 

I will say that what inspired this humanitarian services was firstly, my personal experience with hunger, deprivation, mockery, joblessness and hopelessness some years back. I came face to face with poverty and its attendant tragedies, life was like a hell. I slept with empty stomach many months and would wake up with hopelessness. It was during this period of wilderness that I made a promise that if God would help me out, I would give back to the needy having experienced chronic poverty myself. God in His mercies, answered my prayers and so Givers Arena was birthed in January this year and officially registered in June same year to commence this divine mandate.

How does the foundation help the less privileged and the needy?

 Let me say that God has been gracious in this regard because if you ask me how we are able to render these selfless services to fellow human beings, I may not really say. God has blessed the foundation with committed administrators whose love for selfless services is commendable. Many a times, our administrators will levy themselves when any of our members or someone is in dare urgent need after our investigative unit might have confirmed the validity of such. But each time our administrators are not able to fully meet such urgent need, we make an appeal on our group and to God be the glory this has been working out perfectly because of the many wonderful members we have on Givers Arena’ facebook group. You will not believe that some of our members both home and abroad have made a monthly commitment of giving to the needy and these they have done faithfully. There are few others that anytime anyone needs urgent help, they are always there to give passionately. As I speak now, I know of a member who just gave out thousands of naira for someone in dare need to feed and meet other urgent needs.

How do you identify the genuine people who are really in need of succor this is because many people may pretend to be in need but who are not really so poor?

Like I said that this foundation is a divine mandate and when an NGO such as ours is established on divine instruction, God who creates and knows the heart of men is more often than not guides the founder and those who sincerely support the dream through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, Holy Spirit has been our guide and common sense also has helped us to put in place a strategic investigative department to confirm genuine request made by anyone.

Do you have other sponsors outside your group members?

As you know we are a nascent NGO and we were just officially registered few months ago though before the completion of our official registration, we had kicked off our selfless services especially on our facebook group and as such we have not had any institutional sponsor(s) except when Africafuture supported us when the group was newly created. I must say that most of our supports come from our members. We have had members who gave financial assistance, clothing materials, and food items, offered free empowerment trainings in various fields and so on. Our members are kind hearted individuals and some of them have been our real sponsors both home and abroad. I appreciate them and we believe that now that we are officially registered, kind hearted people, organizations and institutions will join us to make the needy in our society smile.

How will a sponsor be sure that any resource (s) he/she gives to your foundation are judiciously used to help people in need?

We run a very open system on the group. Firstly, we ensure that whatever resources or gifts that are given are announced online. Secondly, after the beneficiaries are selected based on giver’s criteria, we make that also open on the group and finally, we ensure that beneficiaries post an open appreciation on the group to confirm that ACCF has delivered such to them. You can see that we are open and sponsors should be rest assured that their resources will be judiciously deplored for selfless services that this platform is mandated to carry out. In addition, to the above, we have auditors who monitor all our activities.

How many members do you have presently?

We have a growing membership across the world, the last time I checked we are already34, 000+ . We still need more people to join us in this noble cause.

How do you coordinate the operations of this foundation since you reside in Lagos and members are spread across Nigeria and abroad?

 We fully understand that the work is enormous and no one person can do it all so, we have committed and passionate zonal and assistant zonal coordinators across the country who help us to coordinate easily our activities in their states. Also, we have country’s coordinators in some countries outside Nigeria, for instance in Ghana and South Africa where our members are.

What is the administrative structure of the foundation?

Firstly, because this foundation is a divine mandate, God is the founder and I am just  a co founder who is being  strategically supported by two wonderful consulting advisors with five passionate administrators, who ensure that all our state coordinators and their assistants put smiles on the less privileged in our society.

What the criteria are for join ACCF?

 Ours is not a foundation with much rigidity to becoming a member though we know that only passionate individuals can be “Givers”. So the only criterion is that you have a facebook account that you have opened a long time ago. We do not collect membership fees or anything of such before anyone can become a member.

Is your membership still opened to the public?

Our membership is opened 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to any prospective new members. We will be glad to have more people join us to help be our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper.

What are your parting words and how can anyone prospective giver contact your foundation?

The holy book encourages us to be our sisters’ and brothers’ keeper, so I will like to encourage us all to help put a smile on someone daily.  Like Mother Teresa, let us all help feed one, empower one if we cannot feed or empower a hundred at once in our own little way. As we can see clearly the Government cannot do it all alone, we need one another to help make our society free of poverty.

Let’s all join hand to uplift the needy around us!

You can contact us on facebook on Givers Arena close group and may also visit our website for more details.

Thank you and God bless!

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