Are we not breeding more Evans?

By Lateef Adedigba

I don’t know whether I belong to the majority or minority School of thought in terms of our ways and manner of using social media platforms.But it is my opinion that we as people, including some of our Security agencies are not getting it right.

Evans, the enfant terrible. In the World of kidnapping has been arrested, fine, any right thinking person should be happy with this. It should also be the hope of any reasonable person, that the man should be made to face the consequences of his past deeds. The Police has done a marvelous job in which I am well pleased.

However, I think the follow up investigation and discoveries ought to be discreet, the various detention camps, his financial worth and so on. While most Nigerians like being treated to latest news on a daily basis, the inherent dangers are quite visible.

Some of his associates not yet arrested will be busy to cover not yet exposed tracks, some feeble minds will be (and some are already) having the thought that if this man can amass such magnitude of wealth, why can they follow suit. In their illogical reasoning, they can as well enjoy this largesse for some time before they equally meet their Waterloo.

This reasoning might be and quite illogical but who says most of us are logical in reasoning. Must we be breeding lesser Evans while celebrating the arrest of the bigger one?

Barrister Lateef Adedigba wrote and sent this piece from Ibadan.

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