Biafrians are free to go

By Oluwakayode Olumide Ogundamisi

Failure is free, success comes with a price tag. Biafran activists so overplayed their hands, pushing ?? into a mood of “OYA COME AND GO!”

I think every reasonable Nigeria should support, encourage and assist the Biafrans a peaceful pathway out of Nigeria. Those who want to remain within what may be left within the territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria should be granted the full rights accorded Nigerian citizens.

We should all be set free of CPASD Collective Perpetual Attention Seeking Disorder. Of all the numerous problems facing Nigeria and in need of a resolution we can’t come and be distracted with CPASD.

So the Press Release by Northern youth supporting Biafra Republic is a welcome development. The Biafra activists should take the offer and let others be. You can’t be going and remaining at the same time.

Oluwakayode O.Ogundamisi write from Lagos.

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