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Ayo Daramola’s Personal Assistant to APC: Stop Dancing Naked in Market Square, Fayose Never Bribed me

Re: Fayose Moves to Escape Justice in Dr. Ayo Daramola’s Assassination.
1. For the records, my name is Demola Adeusi, the personal assistant to the Late World Bank Consultant, Dr. Ayodeji Daramola.
2. My attention was drawn to news flying around on social media and blogs in respect of the above subject
matter. I write to set records straight.
Let me firstly use this medium to profess my unalloyed loyalty to my late boss who was gruesomely murdered in my presence twelve years ago. The inability of the temple of justice to bring the case to finality is no doubt an embarrassment to our Criminal Justice System. But I am hopeful that one day, justice will be done, although it seems delayed but cannot be denied.
3. I read a string of letters that some aides of the Ekiti State Governor led by one Goke Olatunji, was in my house requesting for the withdrawal of my statements with a sum of #10m (ten million naira) as bribe. This in its entirety was far from the truth. I also don’t think that issues of this, which I still find difficult to forget it’s memories should not be politicised for one reason or the other.
4. I am not a pro-Fayose and for the mere fact that my boss’ death was linked to him and his government in 2006 is enough reason to dissociate completely from him.
5. It is a matter of public knowledge that thesame Goke Olatunji has fallen apart from Governor Fayose over some personal issues between them and if there should be a spoiler of justice, I am not the best person to be used. I see my name being mentioned in this matter as unnecessary. Besides, the matter is before the court of justice and competent jurisdiction, how then should I be brought into the matter.
6. To hell with #10million! My boss life is worth more than that and it’s pitiable that the source of the news could reduce my loyalty to my boss to such a paltry sum.
7. Please let it be known that I am not into any arrangements with either Goke, Fayose or anyone in respect of sabotaging justice. I will never do such!
8. I didn’t see any Goke or Fayose’s team as posted online. Whether that (the visitation) is in pipeline, I am not aware and not ready to be part of such negotiation.
9. I enjoin those who are following this matter to look at it with a forensic eye and not mere social media propaganda.
10. I am a prince of both Ijan and Ire. I can never undermine the royal institutions. The info that I called bluff of the Kabiyesi of Ijan is another lie. I didn’t even meet with the Kabiyesi, not to talk about abusing him. I beg to denounce such rumors also.
11. The clamor for justice is not about me any longer, as I have incidented the crime to the best of my knowledge in 2006 and moved ahead with my life, but it’s a justice for our State. I have been privileged to serve as Personal Assistant to a Former Governor of this State, various political leadership positions (Assistant State Youth Leader of APC even at present) , and Executive Director of an hospitality business. Therefore, bringing me in for any reason whatsoever now is embarrassing and pedestrian.
Thank You.
*Ademola Adeusi*
Personal Assistant to Dr. Ayodeji Daramola (Slain World Bank Consultant and 2007 PDP Governorship Hopeful)
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