Nigerian Youths Should Focus On Things That Matters—Legal Practitioner


Victoria Hanson

A Lagos based legal practitioner, Barrister Evans Ufeli has called on all the Nigerian Youths to focus their attention on things that matters in the country.

Ufeli who stated this in an exclusive interview with blackface reporter explained why Nigerian youths are not ready for leadership.

He observed that Nigerian youths have placed much attention to entertainment and sports rather than the precepts of governance as it concerns leadership.

In his words ”Why I said that Nigerian youths are not ready for leadership is because of the kind of things the youths have been occupied with. The youths have been occupied with entertainment and sports and they have all the information in those areas. It is not wrong or bad to have an in-depth knowledge for entertainment and sports.

But am saying that if youths have that understanding of entertainment and sports and they don’t understand the precept of governance, they don’t understand the tools for economic analysis, they may not be able to confront the leadership of Nigeria with ignorance, so Nigerian youths should begin to divert their attention to things that matters apart from entertainment and sports, they should begin to ask questions like what are the tools of measuring national income, what are the tools for economic analysis, what is budgeting, what kind of budget do we operate, do we operate in zero budgeting or any other kind of budget system?

What kind of political economy do we run, how can we make it? so by the time the youths begin to ask this question then they would have transcend into the main stream”.

He called on the youths to strive and have an in-depth knowledge On how government operates in Nigeria, the tools of economic analysis as well as the kind of budget system in Nigeria, as this would aid to them to ask intelligent questions which would in turn pave way for them to make informed choices of life.

The legal practitioner also advised youths to ensure that they are able to diversify and recreate, as the  world is getting towards the knowledge of economy where people can become creative.

While admonishing youths to be exceptional in their field he urged them to get proposals and promote it on social media.

He pointed out that Government is not going to create a platform for everyone, rather, they are going to ensure that   enabling environment is created that would provide basis or much more than  basis.

‘’ even in the media, in the past few years we’ve seen some online media owned by young stars and they are bringing all into deep creativity. they made a lot of progress and wealth such as online PR, blogging.  so, what you need to do as Nigerian youths if you cannot find a job, look at the environment and find out the needs of the people. Going from one uncle to the other to beg for money is not the best practice at all. What you need to do Is to package a proposal and go and meet a rich man tell him there is a particular business you want to repackage, he will listen to you than when you are coming for value but you are not bringing value. so by the time you present some vital information to him, if I place this one, this is what the result will turn out to be, I have a strategy mapped out, this is how to go about it. then he will listen to you. Before you know it you have gotten the employment you wanted, but if you go about with your CV and asking for money or seeking for employment, you have a very long way to go. people are looking for value givers, people who can bring that ex-change that will promote a core about an idea and that is what a Nigerian youths need.  we must begin to see ourselves as individuals  who must create a platform for ourselves. let people know this is what you can do. before you know it something will come out of it and your information will be heard” he stated .



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