By Nelson Ekujumi
It was the Holy Bible in Hosea 4:6 which asserts that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”, which can be literally interpreted to read that “My people are destroyed because they are ignorant”.

If there is a societal malaise pervasively ravaging the Nigerian polity, it is ignorance which has contributed in no small measure to the downward turn of socio political and economic situation of things in the country.Everyday, we hear or read reports and stories of people been deprived of their fundamental rights and the seeming complicity and helplessness of the victims can be adduced in some circumstances, to no other reason, but ignorance.

It is this same ignorance that is contributing to lack of quality leadership in the country as people jettison merit and credibility to mortgage their conscience and the destiny of future generations to inducements and sentiments in electing their representatives at the polls. Or how can we explain the case of voters being induced for pecuniary gains at the polls for a four year mandate? Various reasons can be adduced for this commercialization of one’s conscience but none can suffice other than that, its pure ignorance for one to mortgage his political destiny of a fixed tenure period for gains which can only sustain for fleeting moments. This is very pitiable.

Recently, President Mohammadu Buhari travelled out of the country on vacation, part of which he revealed was that it would afford him the opportunity to see his physician and in doing that, he fulfilled the constitutional requirements of transmitting powers to the Vice President as the acting President via correspondence to the national assembly.

And while majority of the citizenry are focused on the larger issue of economic wellbeing of the people which is a collective responsibility, some persons and interests have resorted to distractions and embarrassing utterances which ridicules us in the comity of civilized people by the hallucination that the acting President is carrying out the responsibility of governance creditably outside the purview or knowledge of Mr. President who is unavoidably absent.

For the information and education of the ignorant and or mischief interests, need we remind them that the Presidency is one and the same. Whatever action or policy statement of acting President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo in office, he does so not in personal capacity, but as a member of the Buhari Presidency, no more, no less.

The buck stops on the table of Mr. President as the Commander in chief and not that of the acting President who is only holding forth temporarily for his boss, from whom he takes directives on the policy direction of the administration of which he is part and parcel of, irrespective of whether Mr. President is on vacation or not.

Ordinarily, one just like millions of Nigerians is very grateful that for the first time in quite a while in our political history, we have a Presidency of two principal officers, who are men of proven integrity, impeccable character and discipline, of which we are very proud.

Since it is said that, birds of a feather, flock together, the Presidency, despite all the plots of division and acrimony have remained on the same page by being united and focussed in fulfilling constitutional provisions and responsibilities, which has been exhibited in the smooth transfer of Presidential powers.

For the umpteenth time, let it be brought to the attention of  mischief makers or the ignorant, that they need to get some education to realize that what this administration has done, is to reiterate a clear message to all and sundry, that the Presidency of Nigeria, is a public institution which ought not and should never be personalized and this for us, is a testimonial of change, unlike what obtained in our recent political past.

Nelson Ekujumi wrote from Lagos, Nigeria

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