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Cee-Hope,  a non-governmental organization (N.G.O) that provides support for the less privileged children had their annual  retreat on 11th  of january. The meeting started off with opening remarks by Mrs Betty Abah the CEO of Cee-Hope. She thereafter introduced members of the board and spoke about her achievements since she started the N.G.O  with about 600 children from Makoko area of Lagos and how  they have successfully extended to three other states.

She revealed that 54  children were on scholarship, 30 of which are from Lagos, 15 from Plateau state and 3  from Ogun State.

While recounting her past, she said her N.G.O collaborated with others through press conference to stop demolition of Makoko by the Lagos State government.

Among her team that were present at the occasion are;

Mr Olushola Olaniyan (also referred to as the Wikipedia Man) head of Wikipedia in Nigeria.
Dr Mrs Princess Olufemi – has been in NGO for more than fifteen years.
Mr Richard Mammah – A board member who was among the people that shared the idea of Cee-Hope
Dr Dave Unyime Umo – A board member and a missionary doctor.

The board members took their turns to talk about the journey so far. Dr. Dave spoke  about volunteerism and the future benefits of volunteering. He spoke about how he started his journey as a missionary doctor and how he used his corper’s allowance to buy drugs. In his words, “whatever your situation is, do not think yours is the worst but whatever you do, do it out of a good heart and God would bless your efforts”

Dr Richard Mamman spoke about the innumerable benefits of volunteering. He also cited examples of those that volunteered and how they were rewarded when they least expected it

Mr. Olushola Olaniyan the wikipedia man spoke about the need for Nigerians to imbibe the culture of volunteerism
The volunteers present also gave their responses about the contribution of Ceehope to them and their communities
Mrs. Nike G.M of blackface Media prayed that God should bless Mrs. Betty and God has used her to fight for children.

Mrs. Betty spoke about the makoko community where most of their indigenes are poor and how parents cannot afford to pay for their school fees. She spoke about a girl who was living on the street whose uncle threw her out and how cee-hope was able to help put her in school and give her a home. Cee-hope is a grassroots driven organization.

Mathew Kushika from makoko raised a request that should be looked into. He spoke about the need to also help the male children in mokoko for skill acquisition and development. Mrs Betty spoke about the need not to leave the boys out in her words “you cannot girls to dress well so as not to be raped and not train boys not to rape”.

Ayinde Benjamin {son of baale Makoko} spoke about the need to be prayerful.

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