Group urges Buhari to halt sufferings of Nigerians

By Joshua Olalekan, Lagos

United Action for Democracy (UAD) has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure that Nigerians are insulated from the current pang of austerity in the country.

The Convener of the group, Comrade Gabriel Ojumah said this at the weekend, during a world press conference on the state of the nation in Lagos.

According to him, implementing austerity measures in the face of a biting recession is a sign of wickedness and it is draining the masses to their bones.

He lamented that the price of things in the country has gone beyond the reach of the masses.

“The anti people’s policy that allowed deregulation without considering the effect on the masses must stop. It is unacceptable to remove the hands of government from certain essential things that it should provide in the country. Government deregulation has deregulated Naira and it has brought harshness to Nigeria. ”

He urged the federal government to think and make polices that would bring. happiness and well being to the generality of all Nigerians

He also rejected the anti-welfarist budget that will only favour the thieving class, while calling for a budget that will be democratically decided based on the need of the people and not on the greed of some cabals and some contractors.

He called on all states owning workers salaries to pay up immediately, noting that most states have turned the non payment of salaries into a 419 cartel as the set of governors continue to get billions as bail-out while not paying workers.

He added that only a re-nationalised energy sector and sincere pro-public sector re-industrialisation that is managed by well meaning working class committees that have progress in its verves can salvage our economy from eventual collapse.

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