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Senate Did Not Reject Magu’s Appointment Says Legal Practitioner

Victoria Hanson

A lagos Legal Practitioner, Mr Wahab Shittu has said that senate didn’t rejected the nomination of Ibrahim Magu as the chairman of EFCC.

Shittu who stated this in an interview with Black Face Correspondence disclosed that his appointment as the chairman didn’t followed due process.

According to him,” what the senate has done as far as my profession is concern, is the constitution of the nomination, pending to when the issues raised by the security report will have been resolved. inspite  of the denial that he has been rejected, the constitution of the law states that when the nomination is sent in respect of any officer, just like the office of the president, governor and that of the EFCC, such a letter will be read in the floor of the House and people will consider it as plenary , the candidate will be screen while oath will be taken by the senate whether to accept or reject the nominee. but this has not been taken place, no proceedings was taken place at the plenary. All what you have was the nomination of Magu as the EFCC chairman. He was not even allowed to respond to his allegations, but to me Magu is intended to act in an acting capacity as the Chairman through out the duration of Buhari’s administration subject only to the pleasure of the president”.
He quoted section 11 of the Interpretation Act Laws of the federation of Nigeria 2004,which says that “The president has the power to appoint somebody to act in an acting capacity as long as he has the mandate to do so and such capacity doesn’t requires senate confirmation”.”The proceedings that would followed before his nominee has not been followed”. he added
Commenting On The Issue Of Corrupt  Judges In Nigeria, The lawyer said ” I can not labelled anybody as being corrupt without proof because reputation is involved, but what i will say now is that what is happening now in Nigeria is not in the interest of anti – corruption law, knowing fully well that the right to fight against corruption is the major agenda in Buhari’s administration and if somebody has been single out to spearhead the war, i think the war will be successfully prohibited. so what is going on now in Judiciary is a distraction of objective of Buhari’s administration.
He noted that corruption was derived from the word “corruptors” which is the breakdown in institution, service, ethical attitudinal values, societal tradition as well as national behaviour.
Corruption, he said can be converted by limiting opportunities that could give rise to corruption and by also punishing hands of corruption, ensuring that there are consequences for corrupt hands, ” corruption can  not be completely swept out from any society but it can be prevented from certain active ratio” he stated.
In order to sanitize this act, The legal practitioner who is also an arbitrator hinted that there must be a strong political will and co operation of everybody, both governing bodies, followers and the entire country to play their roles in speaking out the truth.
Also expressing his views on the 2017 budget, he expressed that the 2017 budget estimate is developmental oriented tailored to recovery of goods which according to him would boost the growth of the country.
Having covered all the sector in the budget, he advised the government to strive as much as possible to implement it for the overall development of the country.
When asked about his observation on the budgetary allocation for Health and educational sector, he said “enough attention is given to the Health and  educational sector but even with that, journalists have a role to play by looking into each of the items budgeted to ensure that they carry out holistic analysis to find out whether the amount in each of the sector is adequate”.
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