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Government   Must  Fight Corruption From The Root, says Human Right Activist

Victoria Hanson
A lagos lawyer and Human Right Activist ,Mr. Femi Falana has said that Nigerian Government must fight corruption from the root, if corruption must be fight effectively in the country.

He stated this yesterday during a one day media workshop organised by The International Press Centre (IPC) with the theme ” Promoting Media Dialogue on the Imperative of Transparency, Accountability and Anti-Corruption for Good Governance in Transparency”
Falana observed that corruption would never be streamline in the country as there is a particular system playing the role of promoting corruption.
According to him,” corruption will never cease in Nigeria because if senators and ministers are receiving double salaries,  former governors are earning their entitlement the same amount with the seating governors as allowance, huge amounts is designed for medical allowances, cars are also replaced for two ~ three years, How can budget be funded in the midst of all these atrocities in the country” he expressed.
He drew attention to the various areas where Nigerians are using as avenues for corruption such as capital flight, private banking and operation of expatriate.
The Lagos Lawyer also condemned the attitudes of some pastors who he said claimed to be men of God ,yet they single handedly embraced corruption by using the church tithes to set up a school, yet no members of the church have attended the school.
while calling on the leaders to exhibit leadership by example, he therefore urged the media to play their role by promoting accountability and transparency as it is stated in the constitution section 22.
In his words, ” media has played a major role in promoting corruption, and therefore ignored their roles. the people is looking up to them for truthful information”
He admonished them to avoid reporting what the public wants but what the readers want to read.
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